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While silver is most often associated with tarnish, ALL precious metals will tarnish or corrode over time. Silver tarnishing, however, usually happens more quickly than gold, palladium, or platinum (much to the dismay of hosts and hostesses during the time of coal-heated homes and parties with silver platters and flatware!).  

Tarnish appears as a blackening or discoloration of the jewelry or skin. The blackening is actually a natural process where very small particles of the metal wear off, leaving some discoloration on whatever they come in contact with.

The process may be hastened or slowed based on exposure, care, and environmental factors. Some everyday elements we encounter can speed the tarnishing process and should be avoided. These include products containing sulfur including rubber bands, fossil fuels, some types of paper, some paints, wool, and latex gloves. Cosmetics, lotions (especially sunscreens), and medications also may accelerate tarnishing. 

Our surroundings also play a major role and can speed tarnishing, especially in high humidity climates and environments along coastlines with salt air. The humidity and salt has a corrosive effect on the precious metal,

In addition, some of us have a body chemistry that reacts to the alloys in silver and/or gold, causing quicker tarnishing. Nickel, a commonly used alloy, is a particular culprit. Because of this common sensitivity, all precious metals Sorella uses are nickel-free.  

The good news is that tarnish can be removed from jewelry and there are steps you can take to minimize the development of tarnish. Wearing jewelry in the shower or while applying cosmetics or lotions should be avoided. Jewelry should be cleaned regularly with a jewelry polishing cloth (included with all Sorella orders) or silver polish. Once cleaned, jewelry should be stored in an anti-tarnish storage bag (also included with each Sorella order). These bags are coated with a film that neutralizes the gases that can cause tarnish. Additionally, an annual cleaning by a professional jeweler will help maintain the beauty and shine of your fine jewelry.

Sorella uses only the finest precious metals to create our designs. All metals are guaranteed to be as as represented.