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Mothers Jewelry & Mothers Rings:
A Fresh & Creative Approach

Mothers Stacking RingsMothers jewelry, and specifically mothers rings, is a hugely popular jewelry category. With such a large customer base that includes mothers, grandmothers, and fathers, you'll find many, many, many jewelry stores selling "mothers jewelry."
Most of this jewelry is mass produced and surprisingly similar. If you've shopped at all for mothers jewelry, I think you'll know what we're talking about. Go from store to store, or website to website, and you'll see the same tired designs. And, at the risk of sounding a bit snobby, most of these pieces lack a real design sense. Dare we say tacky?
At Sorella Jewelry Studio we take a different approach to this category - our own unique spin.
First off, our designs are original. They're fresh and current. You won't find your piece on every other mom in your circle.
Secondly, all of our pieces are fine jewelry made from the finest quality precious metals and by experienced and talented jewelry craftsmen. These are substantial pieces that will be a lasting memento.
Thirdly, we don't narrowly define what characterizes a mother's ring or other piece of mothers jewelry. All of our pieces can be personally customized to create meaning to a specific mother, father, or grandmother.
We certainly offer a wide selection of creative birthstone jewelry, including birthstone rings, pendants, and charms, but we've also created very special mother's pieces that go beyond birthstones. Some examples include:  
  • For a very proud first time dad we created a Roman Numeral Ring that held the birth date of his new daughter and also her birthstone, which just happened to be pink tourmaline (October). He is proudly wearing pink. 
  • We created a Chinese Symbol Pendant with the characters for "Mother 'n Son" for a very special new mom. 
  • For a first time grandmother we created a Family Birthstone Pendant that held three diamonds representing the impending April birth of her first grandchildren - triplets! 
  • For a grieving mom who had lost her only son, we created a ring that carried his name and a phrase that had been his frequent response. 
  • We created a two-sided horoscope pendant that had the horoscope symbol of a woman's two children on each side.
  • And we've create many, many, many stackable name rings. It's been so much fun to get additional orders as a family grows.
We invite you to expand what you consider "mothers jewelry" and explore the endless options that you can create with Sorella's personalized jewelry
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