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Necklace Length For Women

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to complete your personal style. Necklaces can disguise problem areas or accentuate and draw attention to beauty. The length of your necklace will play a pivotal role in the overall impression your style leaves. The descriptions below are most applicable for adult women.* 

Many of the necklace lengths described below will be more appropriately worn as fashion jewelry, especially those that are of the shorter or longer varieties. The most common length for fine jewelry necklaces are 16, 18, and 20 inches.

12 Inch 
Often called a collar necklace, this length necklace will encircle the middle of the neck. It can be paired nicely with boat-neck or v-neck tops, and can be elegantly worn with evening wear. 

14-16 Inch 
Commonly known as a choker, this length necklace will fall just above the collarbone at the base of the neck. This is a common and versatile length for a necklace, and outside of turtleneck tops, it can be worn with most any top. This length is also a popular choice for weddings and bridal parties. 

18 Inch
One of the most common lengths of necklace and called the princess, it falls below the throat and over the collarbones. This length works nicely when worn with a crew top, plunging neckline, or high neckline. This necklace is the perfect length to showcase a pendant or locket. 

20-24 Inch 
Both 20 and 24 inch lengths are referred to as matinee length. Necklaces of these lengths will fall in the middle of the chest and are appropriate for both casual and business wear. They create a natural vertical line for the eye and can be slimming. 

28-34 Inch
Commonly known as opera length, these necklaces create flexibility in your personal style. Either wearing as a single long strand that creates an appealing and slimming vertical line or doubling the strand for a look that stays closer to the neckline, this lenth of necklace can be just as elegant for day or nightwear. 

36 inch + 
Often called a rope necklace, this length also offers the versatility of the opera necklace - allowing for doubling or tripling around the neck or knotting at the bottom. These necklaces also pair nicely with other necklace lengths for a layered effect.

*There is a caveat to the descriptions above - the way a necklace appears on any given individual will vary based on neck size or circumference. If the wearer has a larger or thicker neck you may consider wearing a slightly longer chain than is discussed in any of the descriptions above in order to achieve the same style.