Personalized Jewelry:
Truly Personal, Not Pre-Personalized

Rose Name RingThe term personalized jewelry is a relatively broad phrase that can encompass a wide range of meaning. In general, the term refers to jewelry that incorporates words, names, numbers/Roman numerals or symbols on the surface of the piece.
Most personalized jewelry available for sale today is already personalized with a chosen message. For instance you'll find rings and pendants that carry common inspirational messages such as "Believe" or "Dream" or "No Regrets." Or a designer has chosen a specific phrase or quote they like and they produce a piece that carries it. These pieces are usually mass-produced and widely available for sale.
At Sorella Jewelry, we don't find that type of jewelry very personal. The truly personal personalized jewelry is created with the message YOU choose, whatever that might be. Our jewelry doesn't come "pre-personalized." It's custom created with your very personal message. We don't mass produce anything. Each piece is individually crafted for your particular specifications.
So, when you're considering personalized jewelry, don't settle for personalization that isn't personal at all. Create a piece that has true meaning for you.

We invite you to view a showcase of our work in the Sorella Photo Gallery

Let's share some specifics about Sorella's truly personal personalized jewelry:
Roman Numerals: Roman numerals convey a sense of tradition and old world elegance. They've become a popular design motif, including in jewelry. You might have seen Roman numeral jewelry for sale and wondered what date or number is represented. It is puzzling isn't it? As if any number or date would be meaningful? Sorella creates rings, pendants, charms, and bracelets with Roman Numerals of YOUR special date or number. That's personal.
Chinese Symbols: Chinese symbols are exotic and visually interesting and have become very popular as a design element. You'll find quite a few mass produced pendants carrying the most common, dare we say trite, translations - Beautiful Life, Double Happiness, Love, etc. Sorella goes way beyond these trite phrases to offer translations of any word, name, or date into elegant Chinese Characters that can be placed on any of our pendants, rings, charms, bracelets, cuff links and key rings.
Inspirational Messages: Inspiration is deeply personal. We don't believe that a few popular phrases that you'll find on so many pieces of jewelry speaks to the individual in us. We don't tell you what phrase inspires you, or comforts you, or tickles you .... you tell us. We then create your very personal piece of inspirational jewelry.
Names: Ever find the name you want isn't available for a personalized name item? At Sorella that's never a problem. We aren't limited by a list of the "most common" names. We can place any name in any language on our rings, pendants, charms, and bracelets. A name is kind of personal. Close enough isn't an option.
Monograms and Initials: Monograms are so classic and yet, still so trendy. We offer a wide range of styles, fonts, and designs. Whether you like the classic look of the three initial script or block monogram or the fresh look of a single or two initial design, we have you covered. Rings, pendants, charms, cuff links, and key rings. With Sorella you have options.
We invite you to explore the Sorella collections of truly personal personalized jewelry, and please email or call us with any questions. We'd love to work with you to design the piece of your dreams.